Happy Halloween Craft Activity Part 2 - DIY Halloween Tree Decorations

Happy Halloween Craft Activity Part 2 - DIY Halloween Tree Decorations

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With Spooky Season in full swing. It’s time to get stuck into part 2 of our fun ‘Halloween themed craft activity.’ Your little ‘boo crew’ are bound to go batty for these fiendishly fun tree decorations. They are so easy to make and look super effective hung on your Halloween tree (see part 1 of our Halloween Craft Activity) ready for all of your spellbinding celebrations.


Right, let’s get to it.

How to make Spooky Halloween Tree Decorations.


You will need:

String or ribbon


Craft glue

Black pipe cleaners

Silver glitter glue

Felt in various ‘Halloween’ colours (orange, green, black, purple, red and white)

Sturdy card (We like to use empty packaging, used cereal boxes etc.)

A pack of googly eyes


Cotton wool

Ready, steady, craft.

1.Take a piece of cardboard and cut out a rough oval shape (measuring roughly 7cm across) - no need to be too precise. This will be your base for your spooky spiders and haunted pumpkins, so keep cutting away until you have as many as you need.

Note: It’s always a good idea to supervise little ones when using scissors. Child friendly scissors are also fab for young crafters).

2. Use the card base as a template to cut out an identically sized piece of black felt for the spiders and the same with orange felt for the pumpkins. Get your little ghouls to stick the felt on top of the pieces of card and leave to dry.

3. Now for the really fun part! Time to decorate. Take the googly eyes and stick a pair roughly in the middle of each decoration. Add spider legs to the spooky spiders by sellotaping 4 legs on each side, to the back of the card. You can also cut out two small triangular pieces of white felt and stick these on to make fangs for the mouth if you wish.

4. For the pumpkins, cut out a semi-circle using the black felt to make the mouth and a small triangle for the nose. Stick these on. Or, if you prefer, go rogue and come up with your own spooktacular designs.

5. Now for the friendly ghosts! Use the template below as a guide and cut out this shape using a piece of card.

6.Take your cotton wool and pull it apart so it becomes nice and fluffy.

7.Take the pieces and stick them on until the card is completely covered.

8.Once dry, cut out 3 oval shaped pieces of black felt, two for the eyes and one for the mouth. Stick these on.

9.Et Voila - your gruesome ghouls are ready to haunt all Halloween long.

Now it's time to hang your decorations.

1. Cut a piece of string or twine - approx ⅞ cm long (depending on the size of your branches).

2. Loop it and hold the ends together.

3. Turn the card over and stick them onto the back of your card using sellotape to secure.

4. Get your mini decorators to hang them on the tree to their heart’s content.

Happy Halloween!

Top Tip: To really spook up the celebrations, why not drape your tree with some battery powered fairy lights to welcome little Trick or Treaters. Check out Part 1 of our Halloween Craft, ‘How to Make your Very Own Halloween Tree’. Be sure to sign up to receive our emails so you don’t miss out. Sign up here.

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