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Scandinavian-Style Wooden Toy

Although the most famous Scandinavian toy might be Lego, which is made in Denmark, wooden toys have been regaining popularity for many years now.

Full of charm and whim, wooden toys are the sort which are treasured for a lifetime. They’re not only more beautiful than plastic toys, but much better for the environment and even look ornamental, so can be used for interior design purposes when not in use.

At Scandiborn we have a range of lovely wooden toys which have that minimalist Scandinavian look we love.

From wooden rabbits to pull-along trains, our range of wooden toys make enchanting Christmas presents for both parents and children, but also make fantastic gifts for christenings or baby showers. Furthermore, they’re ideal for parents looking for the kinds of toys which will be passed down generations.

Classic Scandinavian-style toys at their best.

Our wooden toys are all beautifully crafted and painted but also highly affordable, with many priced under £10. All come from truly gorgeous brands like OYOY, Hape, Kids Concept, Bloomingville, Sebra, and Legler.

Among our range is this Mammoth Wooden Toy that is so cute, it will look great on your nursery shelf.

If you love the Scandinavian look and are searching for this style of toy, why not explore our range at Scandiborn today?

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