Our Collection Of Modern Nursery Furniture

Are you struggling to find furniture for a modern nursery?

When buying furniture for a nursery, you naturally want it to be safe for children along with fun and imaginative.

Here at Scandiborn we love this type of furniture too. That’s why we have a range of beautiful nursery furniture which is all Scandinavian-inspired, reflecting our passion for this type of design.

Many people have heard of ‘Hoo-ga’, a Scandinavian lifestyle trend for being cosy and content. We can’t think of a better scheme for a Child’s room?

The perfect example of this is our Chocolate Changing Table, that can be turned into a dresser by removing the Changing station topper. These are pieces that are made to last beyond the nursery years and into toddler rooms, threenager rooms and beyond.

Our collection includes coloured shelves, high chairs, beds, changing tables, nursery dressers and wardrobes. You’ll also find many lovely accessories for a modern nursery, including this Cam Cam Rainbow Mobile with clouds and raindrops.

Scandiborn also have plenty to keep children occupied during playtime, including many highly imaginative toys, like this Hopscotch Rug.

Check out our full collection of modern nursery furniture.

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