Nursery Essentials (Part 1) Muslins and Swaddles


Are you struggling to know what the real essentials are for a new baby? Is there too much advice from different sources?

In this series we will give you our top tips on Nursery essentials which has come from experience (having our own baby) and knowing the best sellers from our range of nursery products here at Scandibørn.

Muslins and Swaddles are made from a lightweight cotton cloth material, the very best ones are organic (we only stock organic) and are super soft as well as super absorbent, so ideal for cleaning up spillages of all descriptions!

Swaddles obviously have an additional use to wrap your baby up in, the art of swaddling goes back hundreds of years. We have the resource on NCT to be an impartial guide on swaddling - you can read it here

So what makes a good Muslin or Swaddle? Our top tips are 1. Always pick Organic 2. Go for something fun, they're for babies after all 3. Coordinate with your nursery.

Organic muslins from Cam Cam Copenhagen and Konges Slojd   are perfect if you want muted colours - grey, blush, mauve and petrol.

We love the animal face muslins from Liewood, rabbit, cat or panda they come in a pack of two and they are just too cute for words.

Our Coveted Things Swaddles are flown all the way from America and make a great new baby gift.