Festive Recipe  - How to Make (Hot) Chocolate Christmas Lollies 

Festive Recipe  - How to Make (Hot) Chocolate Christmas Lollies 

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Everyone loves a bake off at Christmas time. And, even if you aren’t master chef material, this simple bake is full of festive fun for all the family to enjoy -  and they make a great homemade gift idea too. 

Chocolate is a seasonal fave, so we just couldn’t resist making these yummy chocolate lollies with a twist. Enjoy as a sweet treat or dip them in hot chocolate for a melt in the mouth, double choc shot! 

For more inspiration, why not wrap them up as cute gifts or use them as adorable favours or place settings at gatherings over the holidays.  It’s easy to source eco-friendly cellophane bags these days too, including some amazing biodegradable options.

Right, aprons at the ready. 

You will need:

  • Lolly moulds or ice cube moulds (check out these silicone beauties from Liewood)
  • A selection of high quality grade cooking chocolate - one bar makes roughly 3 to 4 lollies depending on the size of the mould you are using (we like a mix of white, milk and dark) 
  • Decorations - cranberries, pistachios, crystalised ginger, candied orange, sprinkles etc. be as creative as you like and try out different flavour combos to see what you like the best
  • Wooden lollipop sticks 
  • Cellophane bags and ribbon or twine (eco-friendly options are widely available)
  • Aprons (optional) take a peek at our mini and me matching ones for extra fun

Ready, steady, bake.

  1. Get your lolly moulds ready. Silicone moulds work the best as they are so easy to pop the chilled chocolate out of, once it’s set.  Choose lollipop moulds in your desired shape - there are plenty of festive options from Christmas trees to Santa faces. Alternatively, standard ice cube molds also work well.
  2. Choose your chocolate. A mix of white, milk and dark choc lollies look lovely when displayed together, plus they cater for all sweet tooth's. Or, why not experiment by mixing up white and dark for a swirled effect?
  3. Melt the chocolate. This is definitely a grown ups job, but little ones can help prepare by breaking up the chocolate into chunks. Place in a microwave proof jug and heat on full power for a few minutes, until melted and smooth. You're aiming for a thick liquid texture rather like cream. Watch it like a hawk otherwise it will burn and turn waxy. Alternatively, use the good old fashioned method of placing a bowl over a pan of simmering water on the hob and stir until melted. Be careful, melted chocolate is like molten lava and is a burning hazard. We’d recommend using an oven mit. 

Top tip: Adding a squeeze of golden syrup whilst melting gives you a silkier texture. 

  1. Pour into the moulds and decorate to your heart's desire. Again, we like to mix it up - our fave’s include milk chocolate with festive sprinkles, dark chocolate and stem ginger chunks, white chocolate flourished with chopped pistachios and cranberries. Mmmmm. 
  1. Add your lollipop stick and place in the fridge to chill. Usually this takes a good 3-4 hours or even overnight if you can resist temptation - just to ensure they are nice and chilled. 
  1. Remove the lollipops from the moulds - do this by pushing up from the bottom rather than pulling on the stick. 
  1. Voila! Now simply eat, dip in a well deserved hot choc or wrap the tops in cellophane and secure with a festive ribbon, tied in a bow round the stick. 

Our baking shop is stocked full of goodies to cook up a storm in the kitchen this season. From grown up and mini matching aprons to cooking props not to mention the most stunning tableware. Take a peek. 

For budding little chefs, you can shop gift ideas with our cooking themed toys for inspired imaginative play.

We’re just going to leave these here for starters (and main and dessert too).

For more gift ideas, be sure to check out our Christmas gift guide. Packed full of stunning toys, gifts and homewares to spark a season full of joy.

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