Home Interiors Update - Washable Rugs

Home Interiors Update - Washable Rugs

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By Caroline Brooks
Head of content, Scandiborn

Magic Carpets

Rugs are having a fashion moment. The Scandinavian trend for layering and creating a cosy space, full of natural textures, has rebirthed a whole new era of floor coverings to adorn interior spaces.

From living rooms to kids rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and beyond. There is a rug out there to suit your style and decor. 

My living room rug had definitely had its day and it was time to find a new friend to furnish my (very white) floor.

I retired my previous rug as it was made of wool and though lovely at first, it was clear we were on a long road to nowhere - totally impractical. I know this for sure because on its maiden voyage, it was grandly rolled out only for it to have an entire cup of tea promptly spilled over it. And, because I couldn’t wash it, we haven’t really gotten along since. True story.

On my quest to road test a new found friend, I was drawn to the designs of gorgeous interiors brand, Lorena Canals. Even better, their eco-friendly ethos champions natural materials, ethical manufacturing and zero waste. Thumbs up. 

Scrub a dub

images of rugs

These stunners are a total work of art. Embroidered, embellished, tasseled beauties. The type of rug that you put down and instantly feel yourself subconsciously stepping over, because it can’t be washed right?  So, the risk of a potential hazard is a complete no no. Which, really, defies the whole point of creating a ‘living space’.

Drumroll...behold the world of washable rugs. Not an entirely new concept, I’ll admit. But then, these aren’t just any old rugs. 

Totally machine washable, they are quick dry too. Handcrafted from 100% cotton, using non toxic dyes, the fact that it fits in my standard load washing machine is no less than Impressive. Fear of shrinkage is now, thankfully, a thing of the past too. As is banning my dog to the confines of her, rather luxurious, dog bed. She much prefers the rug, as you can see.

dog sat on rug  

Also, these beauties really look the part. They are all the things you would have on a rug wish list. Plush, thick, and they stay put. My top tip is to pop down an underlay gripper first, particularly if, like me, you have hardwood floors. You can pick up a roll for next to nothing at good old Ikea and simply cut it to your desired size. Easy. 

Super lightweight too, I was surprised at the thickness once laid out and the pile has a lovely, natural texture that’s super soft to the touch. But my favourite feature by far, has to be those aforementioned tassels. It brings an element of bohemian chic, which is just the vibe I was going for. 

I went for the Azteca in Vintage Nude  but there are so many to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice.images of rugs

Rugs for days...

The kids now enjoy using it to tip out their entire collection of lego on to and I'm happy to report that there’s been no slips or mishaps, even when it’s used for the ‘acrobatics’ show they enjoy performing for us on a Saturday evening. 

And the ‘Ribena’ accident was swiftly swept under the carpet (pardon the pun) thanks to a quick 30 degree cycle, which left everyone feeling happy again, not to mention more than a little relieved. 

Incidentally, Lorena also has the most mesmerising collection of kids rugs featuring lots of fun shapes, sizes and a multitude of designs. 

Here’s my top picks for an inspiring kids room interior:images of rugs

You can browse the whole collection to your heart's desire.

If cotton isn’t your bag and you’re looking for other types of floor coverings, there are some amazing Jute styles out there. With a bohemian edge, 70’s revival makes an elegant comeback with these retro lovelies. This would give any room a truly laid back look.

Take a peek. Here’s a few for starters.image of jute rugs

So, it’s rugs all round for me. I’ve finally found a way to embrace my inner zen and absorb some of that Scandi inspired slow, relaxed living - even if it means I have to share it with the rest of the family. 

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