Create a Gender Neutral Nursery for Your New Arrival

Create a Gender Neutral Nursery for Your New Arrival

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Natural Surroundings

Preparing for a new arrival? 

If you love the element of surprise and prefer to keep your gender reveal for the ‘Big Day’ or would like a space that’s less defined, then a gender neutral nursery theme could be the answer to your planning woes.

With so many beautiful options for nursery interiors out there, it can be somewhat of a minefield. Especially when there are so many other things to organise and plan, as expectant parents. 

We've come to save the day with our top styling tips and long lasting love affair of all things neutral. 

Get Roomy

Take a good look at the intended room before you start. Take in the shape, position, window and door placement and any features it may have such as beams or a fireplace, for example. This will all help you plan the space in the right way. You don’t want to rush out and buy a cot for instance, only to discover it simply won’t fit. Also, you will want to be mindful about heat sources such as radiators. It’s an obvious one, but you’ll want to avoid concealing these with any furniture items or placing your babes bed directly next to it.

Image of  white room and fireplace feature

If you’re lucky enough to have a space like this inspirational room from @lukearthurwells, you can make the most of any existing features as demonstrated so beautifully here.

Pale and Interesting

When choosing paint, the trick is to start with a blank canvas.  White/pale walls are a must. Don’t be scared. As we’ve said before, wipe clean paints are a parenting saviour and are readily available. Try B&Q’s interior emulsion  - their extensive range is super affordable and hard wearing too. Valspar is also worth a mention here. They offer a nifty paint mixing service and promise to create any colour the eye can see. That’s a lot of options. 2.2 million to be precise! 

If you’re looking for more of an investment, then go for Farrow and Ball. They have so many beautiful neutral shades to choose from. Plus, all of their paints are produced using eco-friendly formulas for added peace of mind. You can read more about their sustainability here.  

But white is white, right? I hear you say?. Wrong. Just take a look! Who knew?Image of white paint colours  

Don’t be overwhelmed. Pick the options you love best and test them out at home, preferably in natural light so you can really get a feel. 

If you need more colour inspo, those clever folk over at Farrow & Ball have also created a Nordic inspired paint collection. Full of stunning shades to choose from, for an instant Scandi look - genius! 

We’d recommend painting the nursery a good few months before introducing your little bundle to it, to give it plenty of time to dry out and ventilate the room well. 

White is always a winner in our book and it’s the easiest palette to add other colours to, if you fancy a spruce up somewhere down the line. 

Other neutral colour options include browns, which I appreciate can seem a little daunting, but bear with us here. Mix it with rust and dusk hues and you’ve got a room made in Scandi heaven. Just take a look at this amazing set up for some inspiration.

See what we mean?  So warm and inviting, yet still neutral. 

Grey is another perfect choice. So calming, which after all is the whole idea for a nursery. And the monochrome trend still rules supreme here too. Plus it’s so easy to create. It’s also perfect for introducing another colour to later down the line.

Style Heroes 

With the walls all sorted, let's turn to furniture. Incorporating whites, greys and wood are all great ways to give your nursery that modern, timeless feel. Longevity is also key here. Beautiful Scandinavian brand Oliver Furniture creates the most stunning cots, that are designed to grow with your little one.  This cot bed of dreams is one of our faves.

They also have the most elegant coordinating furniture pieces, from change tables to dressers and wardrobes in solid oak. All intentionally made and built to last, to transcend generations.

Shop the whole look to your hearts content

With the cot being the main feature, pick one that makes the right statement to what you are trying to achieve. So, sleek and pale with soft curves and clean lines work well for a modern look. Or choose warm wood tones and natural rattan for a more bohemian vibe.  

Look at this simply breathtaking Lola rattan crib from Bermbach. What a swoon fest. 

baby in a rattan crib

And this striking cot bed in mint from Sebra, gives us all the feels. What a showstopper. 

image of baby cot in pale grey

Bloomingville is another gorgeous brand that we can’t get enough of right now. Their laid back Scandi boho spirit is so en vogue and it’s easy to see why. With nostalgic, considered  pieces made from natural cane that instantly transport you to sunnier climes. 

We especially love the Jubbe Lounge Chair ,which makes a tres chic nursing spot, and how about this Douve Wooden Bookstand, which looks equally at home in the living room or hallway as it does in the nursery. A wonderful investment and the perfect example of how furniture can be upcycled and repurposed for many years to come. 

Interior Appeal

Introducing accents into a neutral space is always a good idea and you can add in pops of colour with cute accessories and soft furnishings once your little one is born.

Like this total stunner of a room, just for example.


Let’s talk about canopies for just a sec. These days you’ll be hard pushed to find a nursery interior look without one. And for good reason. They look beautiful, of course, but they also make a welcoming cocoon like space for a new addition as well as a wonderful play corner or reading nook as your little one grows.

Don’t forget that canopies hung above the cot should be removed as your baby becomes mobile and always read the manufacturer's guidelines and safety advice for the canopy you choose. 

Take your pick from these beauties for starters:

Hang it Up

Adding hanging art, decals and even wall rugs will elevate any space and add interest.

There’s so much choice when it comes to wall art, so let’s take the hard work out of it with our top picks for a neutral theme. First up, these pretty prints from  pretty in print art.  From jungle to space and typography, it’s all here. Pick a theme and hang them in a pattern.

Image of safari themed room

DIY-phoebes fear not, as she’s taken the time to provide a sweet and simple guide to hanging art that makes it so easy-peasy, you can almost do it with your eyes closed. Get cracking.

Kid of the Village also do some super prints. Colourful, vibrant and full of fun with a clever educational element like this lovely number, that will teach little ones about the seasons. There's floral, animals and numbers prints too. Take a peek. 

And who doesn’t love a rainbow? OYOY’s iconic design certainly doesn’t disappoint in the form of this absolutely amazing hanging wall rug. It will be sure to brighten up any space and certainly leaves us beaming.

Magic Carpet

Rugs are a no brainer. They are genius at bringing that instantly cosy, feel good factor to the nursery.  We’re huge fans of Lorena Canals beautiful handmade beauties. There's a vast array to choose from and what’s more,  they are washable too, which is an absolute win with little ones around. Just pop them in the washing machine and they come out as good as new!

Image of toddler running on rug  

Jute rugs are another great option for a gender neutral space. Made of natural materials, they are hard wearing and practical and super stylish too, of stylish rugs | Jute rugs

Take a peek at some of our faves.

Stylish Storage

image of storage baskets and rug


It’s no secret that we’ve always loved a basket and we’re still singing their praises. They are just so handy - ideal for rolling up muslin cloths, storing soft toys and housing bits and bobs, the list goes on.

Have a browse at these lovelies for starters. 

These Ay Kasa crates are another storage saviour. Completely stackable, they fold away flat when not in use too. Choose from a kaleidoscope of cool shades ,in a multitude of sizes.

We hope this gives you some food for thought when planning for a new arrival. Go to it and enjoy creating your gender neutral nursery interior space.  For more inspiration, you can shop our full collection tailored to this theme.

You can shop more of our gorgeous interior collections too. From space theme, to animal and jungle safari.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us over at @scandiborn.

For more interiors inspo, don’t forget to follow along on Pinterest too.

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