Sustainable Easter Craft: Make a Mini Palace for your Maileg Mice

Sustainable Easter Craft: Make a Mini Palace for your Maileg Mice

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Happy Easter

Celebrate all things Springtime with this stunning, sustainable Easter Craft brought to you by the wonderfully talented Jessica at ‘Mummy & My Three’.

Discover a world of cute cardboard creations, fun early learning activities and inspirational ideas for entertaining little ones, over on her inspiring IG page. 

Cracking Good Fun

With Easter on the horizon, we wanted to treat our lovely followers with a sweet seasonal craft that’s not only sustainable but one that can be enjoyed all year round too.

Once all that delicious chocolate has been devoured, why not have a go at this rather lovely idea, perfect for putting those empty Easter egg boxes to use. And, a wonderful way to provide hours of entertainment for the kids over the holidays. 

Get Crafty

Super simple and oh so effective, Jessica shows you how to create a petit palace fit for a miniature king or queen. The perfect play set up for your Maileg friends or similar sized figures, little ones will adore acting out role play fun with this charming DIY scene. 

You Will Need:

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue (we used a glue gun, but this can get very hot, so we recommend this is an adult only job)
  • Empty Easter egg boxes (we used a square shaped box and two taller rounder style boxes) 
  • Crayons or felt pens
  • String
  • Paper straws
  • Poster paints (we used white) 

Ready, Steady, Craft:

  1. Take an empty rectangular or square easter egg box and open it up so that it is flat.
  2. Next, take a pencil and freehand draw a drawbridge door in the centre of the box and the top edging of the castle, as shown.
  3. Use scissors to cut them out (if little ones are helping, use safety scissors and supervise at all times). 
  4. Now, glue the box back together inside out with the plain card showing. 
  5. Use a rounder shape Easter egg box and open it up so that it is flat. 
  6. Trim off any excess card, and cut out a window shape and, if you like, a decorative heart shape cut out just above it.
  7. To make the tower, glue the box back together again (plain side showing), forming a cylindrical shape and trim away any excess card from the base. 
  8. Using any leftover card, cut out a circle, slightly larger than the tower and glue it to the top, like so.  
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 7 to make a second tower.
  10. Cut 2 long strips of card and cut out square segments to form the top of the turrets as shown. Fold them around the top of each tower and secure them with glue. 
  11. Take all three boxes and glue them all  together,  with the rectangle box in the centre and a tower on each side.
  12. Now it’s time to add some flair! Make some mini bunting by drawing and colouring small triangles onto card in various colours
  13. Cut them out and glue them to string and voila! Set aside to dry.
  14. For a final flourish, no miniature palace is complete without billowing flags. For this, simply cut a straw in half and make triangular flag shapes from any leftover card. Glue the flags to the straws and leave to dry. 
  15. Time to get the paintbrushes out. Give the castle a lovely lick of white paint - this will require a few coats but is a good fun task to keep little ones busy. 
  16. Finally, once the paint has dried, fix your flags to each tower and hang the bunting to the front  to create a warm welcome. 
  17. Introduce your little Maileg friends to their regal new home and enjoy some magical playtime fun. 


For oodles more stunning craft ideas, go and take a peek at Jessica’s inspiring Instagram page, Mummy_and_my_three.



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About Jessica.

Mum to Three beautiful Little ones, wife & designer. I have a passion for photography and love to capture every moment of our journey.

From a creative background with a BA Hons in Interior Design, I love to create gorgeous spaces for my little ones that lean towards a Montessori way of learning.

I believe in learning through play and creativity and  I love to find new ways to engage with growing imaginations, with a big focus on recycled crafts. Turning something mundane into something beautiful so that we can enjoy playing together.

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