Beautiful Rocking Horses For Toddlers

Are you decorating your toddler’s bedroom this summer? Do you love a modern take on traditional toys?

Decorating a nursery or child’s bedroom can be extremely fun, especially when you have a theme in mind.

At Scandiborn, we offer not only Scandinavian-style furniture and Modern nursery décor but also many beautiful toys that we think you will love. These are the kind of toys that will fit in with your lifestyle as well as being well-loved by toddlers.

For instance, we adore this highly original rocking horse for toddlers: the Googy Toddler Rocking Horse. The rocking horse has been around since the early 17th century but this is a design-led take on this traditional toy.

The horse comes in three different shades which are perfect for neutral nurseries: pale pink, grey and a bolder pink.

This modern take on the rocking horse is well-cushioned with rounded edges, making it ideal for small children. It will make a style-statement in any playroom, nursery or living room, while being the children’s favourite toy.

This is one of the many treasures you’ll find on our website, along with wooden toys, dolls prams, slides, playmats, rattles and pacifiers, and baby gyms- all of which have that classic Scandinavian style we love. We pick products which we’ve fallen in love with ourselves and we want to share with customers in the UK.

Whether you’re looking for toys for a toddler or baby, you’ll find so many original pieces from talented people who specialise in nursery products.

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