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Studio Romeo

The most stylish way to carry your little one, these baby carriers from Studio Romeo are comfortable, secure and of course stylish. This baby carrier also means your little one feels 100% safe snuggled up against you. 

The fabric of Studio Romeo's Baby Carrier is stretchy enough to adapt, as best as possible, to both the wearer's and the baby's bodies. 

Sizing for the parent wearing this carrier is available in the sizing chart (please see final picture). 

100% Organic cotton

Wash at 30˚ C

Use of birth to 12kg

3 carrying positions - 0-2months, 2months and 4months plus. Further information on carrying positions can be found here.


Q: Is the sling too small?

A: You may experience a feeling of tightness but the goal is ultimately that the baby is held firmly against you and does not move, just like with a classic carrier. For the newborn position, depending on the morphology of the baby and the wearer, it can quickly become restrictive. You can therefore place them into the sitting position early by respecting a physiological position and the natural spacing of the hips.

Q: It feels a bit large on me?

A: Your child should not be too low, or at least the position should remain as comfortable for them as it is for you and should remain in reach for kisses. If this is not the case, you can make a loop with the fabric on each shoulder. You can make a loop by twisting the side of the scarf by reversing the hems so that the fabric is shortened and the baby is lifted slightly

IMPORTANT : The fabric is softened and relaxed during use and as the baby grows.

3-5 working days



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