SnuzSurface Adaptable Cot Bed Mattress for SnuzKot (68x117cm)


The award winning SnuzSurface, the next generation of Children's mattress that allows you to change the level of firmness as your child grows and develops.

With a TripleCore™ design, you can simply change the layers inside as your little one grows providing the very best support from baby, to toddler and child.

To change the level of firmness simply unzip the mattress cover and rearrange the comfort layers inside; it’s that simple.

  • Dimensions -  68x117cm (SnuzKot size)
  • How does it adjust to provide different levels of support?
    • Inside SnuzSurface there are different layers; a soft foam layer and combined firm foam and pocket spring layer. Simply unzip and swap the layers around to provide a different firmness to suit the age of your child.
  • How do I know how to order the layers?
    • Don't worry, it's really easy and everything is clearly set out on a label inside your mattress.
  • Is the mattress cover waterproof?
    • Yes, and it can also be removed and machine washed up to 40 degrees

      1-2 weeks. 



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