Plan Toys Water Way Play Set

Plan Toys

The Plan Toys Water Way play set is perfect for little ones who love to immerse themselves in all things sensory. Ideal for inside on the kitchen table, bath tub or outside in the garden or sand pit.

The large tray is made from 100% natural rubber, it has a raised island and comes with a collection of wooden toys. The Plan Toys characters can take a ride in the boats, go fishing or rest on the island surrounded by trees. The rubber tray creates the perfect contained water play space for kids.

Contents includes: 1 rubber water tray, 2 Plan Toys figures, 1 paddle boat, 1 sail boat, 1 log, 3 fish, 2 trees and 1 bush. 

Tray measures 50cm in length, 30.6cm wide and 5.3cm high

Suitable for 3 years and over

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