Oliver Furniture Lille Seaside Cot (5 in 1)

Oliver Furniture

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Oliver Furniture Seaside Lille+ basic is the ultimate first bed for your baby, designed to follow your child's sleeping needs from baby to 9 years. From classic cot bed to junior bed, Lille+ basic can be set in five different bed versions at no extra cost – the perfect bed with a long lifespan.

Seaside Lille+ is produced in solid birch wood. Like all other items from Oliver Furniture, Seaside Lille+ is made in Europe and designed to meet the strict EU and UK norms safety. Using the best possible materials -  non-toxic lacquer and paint and non-visible screws.

  • Seaside Lille+ basic covers the first years of a crib's need with features such as a raised and lowered bottom and removable bars.
  • The bed is designed to grow with the child, can quickly be changed from crib to junior bed – with or without a bed guard. As the child grows and develops, the bed can be adapted to accommodate both length and need.
  • By purchase of a conversion kit, the bed can also transform into either a low loft bed, where the child under the sleeping area can arrange a comfy hangout space for play and friends or a low bunk bed if two beds are needed.
  • Dimensions - W74 x L134/ H174 x h 92/63,5 cm

When families expand, and one child becomes two, a Lille+ sibling kit can also supplement Lille+ basic. This kit contains additional parts to build a crib for the youngest and a junior bed for the oldest all at the same time.

All Lille+ beds can be purchased separately or transformed into another bed in the Lille+ series by purchasing a conversion kit.

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