Liewood Richard Teether in Multi Mix


The Richard Teether from Liewood is a real life saver for teething tots and pesky gums.

In an adorable seaside themed design, this teether is made from safe, eco friendly silicone that is flexible and soft - perfect for providing comfort and soothing painful new teeth.

Lightweight and easy to grasp, the ring comprises four elements: a little sailboat, a submarine, a ship and a lifebuoy.

  • Material: 100% silicone.
  • Lightweight and easy for little hands to grasp.
  • CE-marked.
  • Dimensions: Sail boat H: 7.8 cm x L: 7.7 cm x T: 0.9 cm / Submarine H: 6.9 cm x L: 7.7 cm x T: 0.9 cm / Ship H: 8.3 cm x L: 6.2 cm x T: 0.9 cm / Ring D: 6.4 cm x T: 1 cm.

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