Fabelab - Tooth Fairy Pouch


Anticipation runs high as bedtime approaches. The last rays of the sun have disappeared and velvety twilight is spreading. The magic of the Tooth Fairy is everlasting. Snuggled up in bed, clutching a newly-lost tooth and imagining the magic that is about to happen, is one of the wonders we all want our children to experience...

Instructions for your little one:

1. Lose a tooth
2. Wait for bedtime (it’s hard, we know!)
3. Hide your tooth in this pouch and tuck it safely underneath your pillow
4. Fall asleep and wait for morning when the Tooth Fairy will have visited, leaving treasure in place of your little tooth.

The packaging also sports a tiny maze with the Tooth Fairy searching for a tiny tooth under a pillow.

Add one of our Tooth Fairy Dolls for the ultimate gift.

Product details - Crafted from 100% Organic cotton with Polyester thread, 9x8 cm

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