Cam Cam Cot bumper in Grey Wave

Cam Cam Copenhagen

These charming and protective baby cot bumpers are perfect for your baby’s bed.
Measurement: 360 cm long x 30 cm high x 2 cm thick

Please make sure to adjust the ribbons according to the bed you have and cut off the remaining ribbon length. Also ensure the bows are placed on the outside of the bed, when the ribbons are tied.

Also available in Luca and Dots Creme Grey.

100% Organic Cotton
Herringbone Cotton Ribbons

Fill: Foam
Wash cover at 40°C
Reshape when wet
Hang or flat Dry. Do not tumble
Iron on medium heat when damp

This product is OCS-certified (CERES 0195) (OCS – Made with 100 % Organically Grown Cotton)

2-4 working days





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