Birthday Letters to My Baby Book - Pink Cover

Emily Rollings

Capture your child's story as they grow up, with a yearly personal letter, written on their birthday.

This beautiful, luxury keepsake book from Emily Rollings is a gift like no other -  designed to help you treasure the most precious memories of your baby, to share with them in years to come.

Inspired by Emily's own letters to her daughter, Birthday Letters to my Baby is designed to give parents a beautiful and timeless way to write and keep letters for their child.

For each year there are five lined pages for you to record a letter, followed by a page with some ideas for little memories you might want to keep, and finally a blank page for whatever your heart desires (maybe some photos, or a doodle, or a piece of art which was created that year). This is your story to tell, so please use the book however you choose.

The book contains 156 printed pages to record all 18 years of their childhood, from the day they are born until their 18th birthday. Not only a meaningful way to savour your memories but the perfect 18th birthday present.

Designed to last, each hardback book is handbound in the UK and covered in fine buckram cloth. The cover is foiled stamped in elegant white foil. Each of the 156 pages is printed on luxurious 140gsm paper, perfect for your writing.

  • Dimensions: 230mm x 170mm (23cm x 17mm).
  • 156 pages.
  • Printed on 140 gsm paper.

3-5 working days.



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