Looking For Colourful Teething Jewellery?

Are you looking for a solution for your baby’s teething troubles?

The process when a baby’s teeth breaks through their gums can be traumatic, leading to tender and swollen gums. Cue plenty of screaming and a red-faced child with equally red gums!

As you’re probably aware, this is what’s known as teething, which is also often known as ‘cutting’ of the teeth. You’ll probably find your baby has trouble sleeping during this time and they might even reject food. However, the process isn’t the same for every child.

Teething usually occurs when a baby is in between 6-24 months and normally leads to an infant wanting to put objects in their mouth. Unfortunately, they tend to grab the nearest thing to hand, whether it’s your purse or a plastic toy.

If you’re looking for colourful teething jewellery, Scandiborn have a range of teething necklaces and bangles in various colours from Lara & Ollie.

Offering that winning combination of style and practicality, Lara & Ollie Teething Jewellery has silicone beads which are perfect for helping with teething pains.

This teething jewellery must be worn by adults and not be left unattended with children.

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