What should I use the Babylist for?

We all have our own style, our own tastes, likes & dislikes and this doesn't change when we are buying for our children. So often we end up with things we don't want or need but we are too polite to take back so they migrate to the back of 'that' drawer or cupboard.

The Babylist/Giftlist can be used exactly like you would a wedding list to create a list of all the things you love that you can share with family members and friends for a special event, such as the arrival of a new baby, a baby shower, Christmas or Birthdays. You can add a picture & message and all your favourite products then share with your chosen members. People can then access your list and buy items from it without you seeing who its from so there's still an element of surprise at the end!

To get started CLICK HERE and 'Create' your own very own Babylist. To add items to your list just navigate to any product and click 'add to giftlist'.

How about Wishlists?

Want to keep track of all the lovely things you see or build up a picture of what you might want the re-design of your child's nursery or bedroom to look like? Wishlists allow you to view all your favourite products in one place, you can also share your URL with others.

It doesn't keep track of purchases like the giftlist but its the perfect way to create and share ideas.

To get started CLICK HERE 

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