Buyers Guide: The Best Storage Solutions for Scandinavian Inspired Living

Buyers Guide: The Best Storage Solutions for Scandinavian Inspired Living

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It's that age old conundrum. No matter how big or small your home, there never seems to be quite enough space does there?

Open plan, minimal living is not as easy to achieve as it looks. Especially when there’s a growing family to consider. Bring on the babies, toddlers, pets etc. But what about everything else that comes with the territory? 

The home is most definitely the heart of family life and should be a welcoming space for everyone to convene and feel comfortable during the chaos of the day . Yet, at the same time, it should also feel like your sanctuary and provide a calming space to relax in.

In a time where we find ourselves doing so much from the confines of those four walls; from remote working, home schooling, exercise and more. Those lines have become somewhat blurred. 

To function properly, a space needs to be user friendly but of course, we want it to look good too, 

Create your “hygge retreat” with our round up of the best space saving storage solutions. And, as you’d expect, they look just as chic as they are practical. 

Bedroom Blues

The kids room/nursery seems like a good place to start. If you're lucky enough to have a separate space for toys then that’s great. However, fear not, as we have some clever hacks up our sleeve for when the bedroom is also the playroom too. 

It’s an obvious one but the good old toy box still rules supreme. Check out these gorgeous options from beautiful Danish brand, Cam Cam Copanhagen. The Harlequin Storage Bench will certainly sit pretty in the boudoir whilst providing the ideal resting spot for reading and relaxing.This sweet seat can be lifted up to reveal some rather handy hidden storage. Just the ticket for stashing away games, vehicles, as well as the perfect hiding spot for soft toy friends to rest their weary heads after a full day's play.

Rafa Kids are making waves on the furniture scene. Check out their H Wardrobe for starters. We are going gaga for its beautiful aesthetic, but it's the clever design that really takes this stand out piece at the very top of our wish list. Every little detail has been thought through. From it’s unique sliding doors to allow for more room, to the playful elasticated storage shelving. The top also makes a handy spot for housing any extra storage, such as baskets or boxes. It’s genius.

Take a good look at this little video and see for yourself. You’re sure to be smitten. 

Shelving is another clever way to save space. Again, Rafa Kids has a wonderful collection, all designed to stand the test of time. The L shelf is available in a range of neutral colours and is both cute and cool enough to see you through from childhood and well into their teens. 

Use it to display photos & trinkets, or position near the changing station for those essential items. As your little one grows,  it can become a place to put their favourite books, toys or a handy reading lamp. Did we also mention there's a cute rail to hang clothing from too. 

Be sure to browse our full range of shelving,  From boho to modern, there’s something to suit every style and budget. 

Baskets are a real storage saviour. And, Bellybambino are our firm faves when it comes to adding an extra element of fun into the mix. Their natural seagrass baskets are all handmade in the UK, making each one totally unique. If that wasn’t enough, then their amazing collection of designs will have you hooked. Choose from rainbows, pom poms, sea creatures and animal themed. Equipped with carry handles, and in a range of sizes, use them for lego, mini vehicles, tiny treasures, stationery items and all those little bits and bobs you struggle to find a home for. Display them in rows or dotted around the room for a pop of colour that’s sure to fetch smiles all round.

And how about these? Avery Row does the prettiest packing pouches in Scandi neutrals and ditsy florals. With an easy access zipper and pull handle,  they are perfect for popping under the bed to maximise clothing or toy storage.

Play Away 

Moving on nicely to the playroom. KAOS is most definitely the answer to your playroom storage prayers. This mind blowing modular storage system is one clever piece of kit.  The climbing wall is a revelation in itself. Who isn't going to go wild over an indoor frame to climb on. And then, as if by magic, it becomes a desk, a storage caddy, a book shelf. You name it. We really can’t get enough. Here’s another little video, to showcase just what it can really do. We’ll take one of everything please. 


For little dresser uppers, how about this adorable tipi inspired open clothes stand from Childhome. It’s playful design is a winner and will certainly add a statement to the room. Filled with all their favourite outfits, all in one easy to reach place, role play never looked so inviting…or neat and tidy! 

Oliver Furniture are pro’s when it comes to storage. Their multifunctional pieces are built to last, crafted from the highest quality materials. They can cleverly transcend rooms as they grow with your child and make a worthwhile investment that’s sure to last a lifetime. Take a peek for yourself. Their wooden shelving units in various sizes are perfectly sized for baskets and boxes as well as for displaying favourite items too. 

We also have to mention this absolute showstopper of a bed. The Seaside Low Loft Bed is what childhood dreams are made of. Not only does it ooze Scandi style, if you’re short on space it’s a no brainer, with its vast under the bed storage and wrap-around curtain to keep it all magically hidden away. Incidentally it also makes the best den/hideaway for little adventurers. 

Keep all their books together in one handy spot with Bear woods' rotating bookcase. An instant space saver, it can house a multitude of books in one small space and has been designed to sit beautifully in the corner of the room. Super stylish to boot, simply rotate on repeat to discover your next read. 


It goes without saying that baskets can come to the rescue in the playroom too. With so many around, it can be a bit of a minefield to find the right ones to suit your needs. We are loving these eco storage sacks from Cabana Kids, available in a set of 1,2 or 3. As well as being able to hold A LOT of stuff, they are planet friendly and ideal for hiding balls, activity toys and larger items. On top of that, they are a great budget buy that won’t break the bank either. The Childhome canvas storage box is another goodie for those bulkier things that take up ALL the room.  

Living it up

For open plan living at it’s finest, Your living space needs to work hard to suit your needs. 

If you’ve got little diners to cater for, then you can’t go far wrong than the KAOS Klapp highchair. It easily folds away when not in use, but it’s the hook that is the real star of the show. This tiny but mighty gadget with its simple design, attaches to the wall to keep your high chair neatly stowed away, without taking up any floor space whatsoever. 

And how about the KAOS playbag - no more tip toeing over all the lego to get to the TV remote or find a spot to put your feet up. This lifesaver of a bag doubles as a playmat and with one pull of the drawstring it scoops up all those tiny little bricks,  which means you’re no more than 30 seconds away from a tidy floor.  Genius.

For hidden storage that also looks like part of your home decor,  try Ferm Living’s iconic pear braided storage basket or the Hea Rattan Basket from home and lifestyle brand  Bloomingville.  Both with lids, these nifty little numbers are stylish enough to keep out on display, yet offer a great place to keep messy odds and ends hidden away. 

If it's cupboard space you’re craving, then AyKasa’s kaleidoscope of colourful crates will do the trick nicely. These stackable staples neatly fold away when not in use and are a must for keeping cupboards and drawers organised. Don’t just  limit these to your living area either. 

Last up, is the NoFred storage cube. Mounted onto castors, it's super easy to wheel into position. Use it as a seat for little ones to perch, a footstool for relaxing or an instant tidy away for magazines, baby essentials and yes, you guessed it, more toys? Choose from beech, sand or grey. 

Stairway to Heaven

Mustard Made have cornered the market with the most stylish locker style furniture pieces. Their uber cool, retro design makes them a popular choice, and they really do look great in any room. Make a home for one in your hallway and you won’t regret it.  We like to use our lowdown locker for keeping shoes neatly hidden away yet still easily accessible. And, the storage basket system is a revelation.  Making it a breeze to sort hats, gloves and all those bits and bobs that make your entranceway look like an instant disaster zone after a trip to the park. 

The right hooks will make a feature out of your space and add to the order of things. Coats and outerwear know their place rather than left draped over the bannister.

Keep it neutral and go for a simple wall hook like Kids Concepts Hook Board or add our own unique flair and go for these animals themed cuties from OYOY design. Choose from panda, koala, bear or penguin. We’re also a massive fan of NoFred’s wall bugs for their immense space saving skills - with no less than six hangers on just one little hook. Full of Scandi style, they come in a range of lovely colours too. 

Let’s revisit shelves for a sec. Another beauty from Rafa Kids is their larger xL Shelf. Not just for the kids room, this will be a Godsend for keeping letters safe, magazines tify and displaying your favourite artwork.  Or, if you’re after a more understated vibe, 

We hope these organisational saviours will help you to restore your inner zen and create an inner sanctum of calm around the home. 

For more storage inspiration you can shop away to your heart's content over on our wonderful website. Come and say hi over on Instagram @scandiborn and don’t forget to follow along on Pinterest too.

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